7 decorating tips to spruce up your living room with cushions

7 decorating tips to spruce up your living room with cushions

Who doesn’t love cushions?! Cushions are everybody’s favourite form of home decor element. Minimalists to pizzazz lovers, cushions appeal one and all. Rightly so, because cushions take the comfort factor of your space up a notch, bring any room to life and add that subtle beauty to every room with minimal effort. There’s  a catch though, it needs to be done correctly.

Stylish cushion cover designs bring a pop of colour, style-moment and a range of textures to the sofa and your living space. Cushions help make a spot look even more inviting for lounging with a book or to just Netflix and chill. 

 Cushions are an easy way of introducing fresh colour or texture. However, with so many types of cushions available in the market and online cushion covers, how do you choose the right ones for your living room?

Relax! With Earthy India your home never runs out of right ideas for the perfect beautification. 

 Keep reading to know how.

Tips to choose the right cushion cover for your abode.

silk cushion cover designs

1. The cushions must be contrasting with your sofa cover

Matching sofa sets with cushions is a bad idea. One of the many purposes of adding cushions to your space is to add a pop of colours and texture. However, with cushions that match your couch, this concept gets thrown right out the window as they will blend into the couch and simply disappear. Talk about camouflage! This will surely make the furniture look lumpy. There are wood sofa cushion covers that come in a wide range of colours and textures. You can use these in contrasting colours for the same effect. 

  Jade Cushion Covers

2. Choose Your Colour Palette

The first step involved in any decor is identifying your colour palette. This only means that the cushions look good and compliment the rest of the items in the space. Use stylish cushion cover designs according to your palette. Take a look around at your artworks, rugs and soft furnishings, this will help you identify a few colours to complement the larger pieces of furniture. This way the room will look stylish, cohesive, and pulled together. In other words, perfect!

Stylish Cushion Cover Designs

3. Choose The Right Shape And Size

Another key to accentuating the look of any space with cushions is by picking the right mix of shapes. Use larger-sized cushions like 55cm x 55cm size, at the back of your sofa and then the smaller ones, about 45cm x 45cm size to layer the front of these. You can throw in circular or rectangular rectangle cushions with cotton cushion covers 16x16 to balance the look.

4. Dare To Go Bold

If a neutral colour theme is what you are tilting towards in your living room, when it comes to the cushions, choose one or two bold coloured ones to inject depth into the space. The idea is to use more bold and bright-coloured online cushion covers with a neutral setting. 

Cotton Cushion Cover

5. Use A Mix Of Patterns

Who says that mixing patterns is just for the brave? Simply follow these guidelines and you’re good to go! The key lies in making sure that the scale and size of the patterns are not competing. One small, one big and one solid is a good rule of thumb. In simpler terms, the patterns need to be different so you can differentiate them. If you can do this then you are on the right track. Get such stylish cushion cover designs with different patterns at Earthy India. 

 6.  Make Them Look Cozy And Lived In

Here’s a fun hack! Just use a 'karate chop' in the middle of the cushion. This creates a crease in them and will make them seem more 'lived in,’ and loved. Doing this also helps break up uniform shapes while uniting the cushions of different scales, colours, or families.

Boho Cushion Covers India

7. Play Around With Texture

The best and the most interesting design magic happens when you play around with the texture. When it comes to cushions, mix up the texture, especially in the case of solid colours. For instance, four linen cushions won’t be as impactful as a combination of linen, chunky, velvet, wool, fringed and cotton cushion covers 16x16 are going to bring about. Mixing textures bring depth and visual interest.

Closing words:

We hope that these tips will help you transform your dull living rooms into beautiful, happy and cosy spaces. The wide range of cushion cover designs that you will find here at Earthy India will make the mammoth task of redecorating a fun and easy task. So before you get stuck or think about re-carpeting or replacing old furniture, check out Earthy India cotton cushion covers to spruce up your living rooms easily!

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