Classic looking runners for a Royal home

Classic looking runners for a Royal home

There has always been something so mysterious, and beautiful about the ancient and royal palaces. The beauty lies in their large rooms, well-maintained gardens and spacious courtyards. Besides these exterior features, the interiors, too, are awe-inspiring with their intricate details and rich furnishings.

The good news is that anyone can give their homes the ‘royal’ touch! Well, you can at least begin with your dining table where a very royal theme can be adopted for special family gatherings or functions.

 At Earthy India, find a range of table runners made by our very own indigenous artisans. From table runners for glass tables to crochet table runners, we have them all! Here are a few classic-looking runners that give your homes the look of royalty. 

dining table runner

Find a table runner online at Earthy India, like this one. This earthy and beautiful handwoven jute table runner will make any dining table look royal and chic. It renders a very vintage look to the setting to create an elegant yet folksy and classy environment. This table runner creates a layered appearance by simply placing it on a dining table and the attention would be on this table runner than on the food. A true sign of royalty!

table runner online

The runner on the dining table offers a very elegant look. Another result of the talented Indigenous artisans, this beautiful hand-woven jute table runner radiates the bohemian theme. It features subtle colors to give your dining table a warm appearance. As your guests sit at the table, this runner will give out a whole new vibe of ‘boho chic’ to your dining table. 

table runners for glass table

This unique styled jute table runner with lace detailing can add a layer of royal glam to your dining table. The lace detailing makes it look classy and traditional in many ways. This is the perfect table runner for a glass table. So why wait to transform your table into a royal beauty? Visit Earthy India’s website and breathe life into your dining table decor with this table runner.

online table runner

Set your tables in style with this traditional yet chic-looking Hera runner. This offers a very toned-down and subtle look to your dining table while also radiating a royal mood setting. The woolen designs at the ends are what make this runner look extra special. Find this table runner online, only at Earthy India.

online table runner

Elevate the setting of your dining space with these stylish and neat-looking jute runners. The simplistic laces adorning the borders of these jute runners offer the runners a very minimalistic yet ornamental look. Therefore, bring a sense of distinction to your dining room with this set of stylish spreads. 

Crown your dining table with royal table runners from Earthy India! 

Earthy India would be the best place to shop! That's right, we are home to indigenous decor products. We help you in transforming your space according to your element. Earthy India offers a range of curated selections of home decor & furnishing products. With expert craftsmanship and authentic designs, we strive to provide your homes with the most versatile range of products. Our collection of table linens and online table runners are as tasteful for everyday family dinners as they are for special occasions. If you are looking for that royal touch to your dining table set, you will be in for a treat when you view our collection. These will add a touch of flair to your kitchen and dining room decor for sure!

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