Everything you need to know about Earthy India

Everything you need to know about Earthy India

A conscious step for building a bond with traditional roots through a beautiful space.

Through its cultural heritage and traditional vibrancy, India has been a hub of conventional artworks, since time immemorial. The indigenous art of India, whether it’s stylish cushion cover designs or wooden trays, is a celebration of the vibrant cultural diversity of the land and its people. This has resulted in the most distinctive style or pattern of art in the different regions commonly referred to as Folk Art, Tribal Art, or Indigenous Art. These artworks and artifacts do an excellent job at upholding the ethnicity of the country and speak by and large of its vast history.

Today, these creative works of art are of great potential in international markets. It is easy to get access to the online table runner or online cushion covers and much more through the internet. Indigenous art has also become a preferred choice for home decor. The exemplary products are precious and offer a fresh aesthetic sensibility to your living space. This is what Earthy India strives to do, to embrace modernity and amalgamate it with the roots, leading to a two-pronged approach that is reflected in all our products. 

Earthy India is a space for those who are planning on sprucing up their home decor with artistry, classy aestheticism, subtle creativity, and fresh creative energy. Acknowledge the impeccable craftsmanship of the native by making every corner of your home worth a stare!

Need for Household Indegeneous Products:

If you are reading this article, you either care about indigenous peoples or the planet and are really into home decor. You could also be a socially conscious consumer, or just somebody hoping to launch your own company that connects the buyers with local artisans. Either way, you value traditional techniques rooted in your country’s culture and appreciate them for their uniqueness and classic beauty. 

You may not have noticed but the indigenous communities have long been trendsetters regarding balancing work and life. The recent events are proof of these artisans worked from home long before COVID made it fashionable. This gives us all the more reason to support them and their artistry. Today, the availability of these beautiful creations like stylish cushion cover designs and a wooden tray, are made available to you from different parts of the country through brands like ours. This also spares you the travel along with the artisans who otherwise have to commute hours into large cities to then spend another 10-12 hour-long days in factories. Earthy India is an affordable sustainable home decor brand that derives inspiration from traditional art forms to deliver classy and minimalist products.

Why Choose Earthy India for your space?

What is the best place to find indigenous home decor items that surpass your aesthetic and simplistic expectations? Earthy India would be the best place to shop! That's right, the home of all indigenous home decor products is here to assist you in transforming your space according to your element. Earthy India offers a range of curated selections of home decor & furnishing products to even serving wooden trays made by Indigenous Indian artists. With authentic designs and expert craftsmanship, we strive to provide your home's most versatile range of products.

What do we offer?

Cushion Covers Online India

1. Cushion covers

Whether it’s your living room or your bedroom, cushions do add a sophisticated touch. However, they need the right cushion covers. While cushions bring about comfort, the cushion covers take care of the style. The cushion covers help complement or spice up the look of any room. Now you can just buy stylish cushion cover designs online from Earthy India. The wide variety available is just unbelievable! From silk to cotton to beautiful covers with motifs, we put in the effort to create a living space that exudes style and comfort.

wooden tray for decoration

2. Serving & dining

Serve your guests in style! Browse from our selection of Indigenous Serving and dining trays and find the perfect design for you. Wooden serving trays like the ones on Earthy India are timeless and reflect elegance to resonate with your taste. Their subtle and stylish design makes these wooden trays a classic serving piece. They truly add culture to the table of modern times.

online table runner

3. Table linen

Our collection of table linens and online table runners are as tasteful for everyday family dinners as they are for special occasions. A wonderful amalgamation of traditional patterns and signature color palettes, they do an excellent job of balancing contemporary accents with indigenous art. These will add a touch of flair to your kitchen and dining room decor for sure! 

When you choose us to shop for your household products, choose Earthy India. Your home and your space be it at work or anywhere else is a sanctuary. Make it safe and pleasant for your family and friends while simultaneously supporting the indigenous art and artisans. We bring you a step closer to your roots through their creations.

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