The Tale of the Table Runner : Decoration Tips For Table Runner

The Tale of the Table Runner : Decoration Tips For Table Runner

Table runners are a wonderful way of decorating the tables and similar pieces of furniture in your home, without actually having to cover them up like tablecloths. 

However, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a beautiful table for your home if you end up covering it up. This is why dining table runners help in not just showing off your beautiful tables but also adding a decorative and personal touch to your home addition. So, when did these table runners come into existence and how were they used back in the day? If you are curious about these questions then keep reading to learn the history. 

It’s History!

The table runner was first used in the Middle Ages, the reason being that the medieval folks were sloppy. To protect the beautiful tablecloths and table linens from lively and careless royals who drooled, spilled and made a mess, the wise women responsible for laundering linens innovated the table runners.

That is when the ingenious narrow pieces of long cloth now known as “table runners” were placed over the tablecloths. These not just solved the laundering issue for the women but they became fixtures in everyone’s collection of linens by the 15th century and made them available for us as online table runners.

How and why do we use it today?

table runner boho

 1. Table runners on round tables

The use of table runners on a round table is the same as for a square or rectangle table. A dining table runner can be placed in the center with a drop over the edges. Otherwise, you can have two table runners crossing in the center of the table. Style it anyway to give your round coffee or side tables a definite look. They can even be used as placement mats on round tables.


runner on dining table 

2. Table Runners as Placemats for Two

Find an online table runner to use the same crisscrossed method as placement mats for four or more if it’s a rectangular or oval table. This can be done by lining them up width-wise instead of lengthwise at each place setting. It will provide a placement for both sides of the table.


table runner for glass table 

3. Table Runners and Tablecloths

The best part about using table runners is that they can be used with or without tablecloths. If you decide on using a table runner with a tablecloth, have one with a pattern and the other in a complimenting or matching colour. It's all about getting super creative! Choose from a wide collection of boho table runners to solid-coloured ones. However, be careful to not give your table a very busy look and a distraction from the centerpiece. Table runners can be used on a bare table alone to accentuate the beauty of the tabletop. This works beautifully when the tabletop is made of beautiful wood. 


12x72 table runner

 4. Non-Dining Uses for Table Runners

Through the times of history, a table runner has been ideally confined to decorating a dining experience, but did you know that there are other uses for them? 

  • The first and the easiest use for a table runner is to protect the surface of other pieces of furniture. A beautiful table runner for a glass table can protect the table against scratches or water stains. 
  • They can also be used as narrow rugs for tight spaces to add a splash of pattern or colour or pattern. 
  • A table runner as a wall hanging is another creative way of using it other than just the dining table. 

 Closing Words:

Thus we see how table runners are for everyday use and are very appropriate for special occasions. Table runners add a refined touch. Using this is the perfect way to enhance your tablescape dramatically or subtly depending on your preference. These are also perfect for adding a festive feel during the holidays. They can be used to help you follow a certain theme for a particular occasion. At Earthy India, explore the designer and the homemaker in you to decorate your table and other parts of your home with our beautiful online table runners. These are a reflection of the talented skills of the indigenous artisans who capture the beauty of their traditional roots most perfectly and beautifully.

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